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Mathilde Wantenaar

Interview with Markus Poschner about Mathilde Wantenaar

Interview with conductor Markus Poschner on the occasion of the world premiere of Mathilde Wantenaar's Accordeon Concerto. After the final rehearsal, Mathilde Wantenaar was awarded the Buma Classical Award 2023, "an oeuvre prize for contemporary composers who have been active in the Dutch music sector for a long time. They connect modern movements with newly composed “serious” music, and his or her work comes to the attention of the bigger audience."

The world premiere of the Accordeon Concerto took place at the Konzerthaus Wien on 8 December 2023, performed by Vincent van Amsterdam and ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien conducted by Markus Poschner.

The Dutch premiere of the Accordeon Concerto will take place at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam on 14 March 2024, performed by Vincent van Amsterdam and Het Residentie Orkest, conducted by Anja Bihlmaier.


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